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The following documents were sent to me by Makoto Shimojima of the Univ of Tsukuba/CDF <>:

  • A Model and Prototype of VMS Using the Mach 3.0 Kernel (format: PostScript)
    by Cheryl A. Wiecek, Christopher G. Kaler, Stephen Fiorelli, William C. Davenport Jr., Robert C. Chen, Digital Equipment Corp.
    Also in pdf format
  • A Method For Improving Performance By Caching Applications (format: PostScript)
    by William C. Davenport Jr., Christopher G. Kaler, Digital Equipment Corp.
    Also in pdf format
  • A Distributed Interoperable Multi-Personality Environment (format: PostScript)
    by Robert C. Chen, William C. Davenport Jr., Christopher G. Kaler, Digital Equipment Corp.
    Also in pdf format

Mach documents:

  • The Mach3 home page.
  • The Mach4 project.

Mach-related pages:

  • MkLinux
  • SPIN.
  • The GNU hurd.
  • Debian GNU/Hurd

Other kernels:

  • Exo

Books you may want to read:

  • "Programming in Mach", from Addison-Wesley?
    submitted by Jerry Leichter
    ISBN 0-201-52739-1
  • "VMS File System Internals" by Kirby McCoy, from Digital Press
    ISBN 1-55558-056-4

Implementations on other architectures:

The implementations mentioned here are usually subsets of DCL or something similar. And most of the time highly non-portable.

  • MicroDCL (previously known as PC_DCL).

OpenVMS manuals in PDF format:

Note: if you use xpdf as reader, you may need to add encryption, available separately, to read some of the documents available here.

  • User's Manual.
  • DCL Dictionary, part 1 (A-M) and part 2 (N-Z).
  • Glossary.
  • Programming Environment Manual.
  • Programming Concepts Manual.
  • Command Definition, Librarian, and Message Utilities Manual.
  • Linker Utility Manual.
  • Guide to OpenVMS File Applications
  • Record Management Utilities Reference Manual.
  • Record Management Services Reference Manual.
  • RTL Library (LIB$) Manual.
  • RTL General Purpose (OTS$) Manual.
  • RTL String Manipulation Manual.
  • System Services Reference Manual, part 1 (A-GETMSG) and part 2 (GETQUI-Z).
  • Utility Routines Manual.

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